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French Lessons in Hilversum

I really enjoy giving French lessons. I offer private lessons both in a business or private context, give French courses at language institutions and at the Volksuniversiteit in Hilversum and I also offer courses in holiday French and French lessons for children in the last year of primary school (Group 8). I therefore cover the needs of all students from beginners to advanced. Besides set textbooks I also use my own material, such as videos, newspaper articles, French songs and games. I think it's important to speak as much French in class as possible. This is difficult to start with but it is extremely satisfying for me when I see the confidence of my students growing! The level of the lessons adhere to the framework set by the Common European Framework for Languages, from level A1 up to and including B2.


Learning a language should, however, not only be useful, it should also fun. I design the lessons and customize the training materials according to my clients needs. If required I can give lessons in the client's office environment, but am equally happy to welcome students into my home. The first lesson is always a trial lesson and holds no further obligations. In addition to more traditional teaching materials I also use current materials such as short films, articles from the media, songs and games.

lesboek Frans: C'est bien çalesboek Frans: C'est bien ça 2lesboek Frans: Affairelesboek Frans: Perspectives 2diverse leesboekjes Franslesboek Frans: Nouvelles Barioleeslesboek Frans: Le Petit Tour