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Certified French-Dutch Translation

I am available for all forms of translation. I specialize in the translation of legal documents, as I am officially certified to do this. I can also send any documentation to you via registered mail (?)* I also enjoy translating other material such as cook books, city guides or children's books. I feel that the way the text reads and flows is as important as it is to convey the original message in a different language.

In recent years I have worked regularly with a number of clients including Centre Perfect, Office Tongo Translations and Direct Translation.

I will be happy to provide you with a free quote for any text you need translated from Dutch into French.

Uit het Frans vertaald boek: Mythische StedenUit het Frans vertaald boek: mijn kleine handboek Duurzame OntwikkelingUit het Frans vertaald boek: mijn kleine handboek De Wereldkeuken